Friday, 28 December 2012

Black and White Acrylic Elvis

I had so much fun painting this Elvis picture.I spent more time doing the gradient effect on the background than i did painting him though!

This painting was a comission,i chose this picture of Elvis as i knew i would enjoy painting the background effect so much and i wanted to play with just adding a touch of colour to the black and white and a little pink to his face to see what would happen.

On reflection i might have lowered Elvis a bit so his head was nearer the centre.A practical adaption i was having too much fun to consider.As a consequence if it was framed you might loose a bit of his iconic quiff,hardly appropriate!But it really does not need framing.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Novelty Pretty ChristmasTea Cosies and a Snake Scarf

Handmade items from MollysKnitted available on Mollys Knitted Folksy and Etsy.
 A delightfully festive feel to this warm and wonderful tea cosie with it`s red and white and green stripes on a fruitcake brown base.
Another festive crochet cosie.The dangly berries are stuffed with a soft polyester filling 

I love the colours in this scarf,they are based on a real life snake
 Extra long,this chap was quite tricky to photograph

This is one of the prettiest coloured roses tea cosies mollys knitted has made yet.Although i probably should confess i love it partly because all the pastel colours remind me of icecream

Not my best photographed beehive tea cosie.I have sold quite a few of these but the pink background, whilst pretty is just not as effective as the white.My attempt at doing something a bit different with the beehive cosie seems to have stalled sales of them!

Friday, 28 September 2012

New Range! Peculiar and Pretty Art Postcards...

Starting with the Peculiar;this Halloween hand drawn postcard is a one off original idea by myself.Inside each stamped sized little frame is a villainous rogue of my own creation.Some of them smile invitingly,some of them glare out through slightly less than human features!There is a spooky youth in the  bottom right corner,it is just Halloween after all…

This 'Gone',one word postcard is open to interpretation to some extent,which was the intention.I simply really like the way the font turned out,like typewriter font but somehow a bit more expressive.The simple white on black crosshatched background seems to highlight the font best.

It`s a bare bones,statement of plain fact postcard-you went-so you said you went,with a postcard that just said "gone"Could be sad,could be just a fact.

 This is really a concerted effort at doodling ,it was a lot of fun to create but i had to keep steering myself away from drawing faces which i did not want on it.The overall effect of all the doodling is quite lacy and pretty which i had hoped for.
I love some of the little love heart doodles and may yet enlarge and paint some of them.
The results are always interesting when you just switch off and start doodling,sometimes delightful!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Flower Garden And Pretty Pond Tea Cosies


This unusual grey and mixed pink flowers tea cosie has been featured in several Etsy treasury`s with a "Romantic" theme....(?)


The colours in this bright and beautiful cosie really put me in mind of the Mediteranean painters;Cezanne,Van Gogh,Monet mostly.It has a sunny gardeners paintbox look about  it.


One of the flowers in this cosie looks like it could be an upturned mushroom cup.This is definitely a garden in Autumn theme.


The perfectly harmonized colours in this tea cosie are a really delightful collection and the big triple layered poppy it`s radiant red star attraction.The cream wool has an unusual fuzzy felt texture.


Have sold a few of these coral pink flower basket tea cosies now.And they really are much prettier than they look in the photo`s -you can`t see all the mixed pink wool flowers from just one side!

Lovely Garden Pond Style Crochet Tea Cosie.A blue tea cosie would simply be a blue tea cosie,the cleverly descending shades of blue used to create this cosie really suggest water,without having to add embroidered goldfish!

What flower garden is ever complete without the big bees?There are four different shades of beige wool used up in the creation of this pretty floral cosie.

Finally.Folksy! Might have blogged this previously but i now have a Folksy shop with a selection of MollysKnitted items in.I started with around 25 items,now have around 23/22.This has been my problem with Folksy-no sales.I only ever seem to be logging into the site to remove items that have sold elsewhere[Ebay,Etsy]Not likely to relist if i don`t recover listing costs[just under £5}Bit galled with it.If i was French i would spit but i am not so Tut! Hmf! and Pht!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Novelty Tea Cosie`s and A Rainbow Snake Scarf

The plump little wool berries all over the top of this gorgeous white gateau cosie are filled with a washable polyester stuffing.
 These beautiful cake tea cosie`s have padding in the top,this helps them keep the cake shape and keeps the heat in the tea pot...
The amazing fudge coloured ribbon on the tasty looking cosie has been washed several times and has not yet lost it`s shape!


This beautiful vibrantly colourful rainbow stripes tea cosie keeps putting me in mind of the American flag ...leaves me wondering if there is much call for national flag themed tea cosies...


The hand knitted poppies on this black and red cosie are really beautifully made,some are smaller and sweeter than remembrance day paper poppies,others larger with several layers.The very small ones have two shades of red wool used in there creation.These mixed red poppies really give the cosie  an elegant and well made look.



The beehive tea cosie is 'upcyled' -knitted from the remains of several balls of beige wool which do not exactly match ,you can see this if you look close enough,this give a delightful shabby chic feel to the overall creation


This pretty snake has slightly shiny green wool used to create his snake eyes.He has two layers of colourful knitted wool stripes for extra warmth.

I thought  photographing this unique creation would be trickier than it was,due to the length of this wriggly chap,but as you can see from this last picture it just looks like what it is from pretty much any angle!