Saturday, 26 June 2010

Goddess Headgear Part 2

This is a sketch of " Miss Terrifica"Who is/was crimefighting superhero/man in drag.He looked great though.

Had to pick bits of plaster off this to scan it,bit of a mess.
I love this glass/crystal umberella,and if it got caught in the wind it could probably kill the person behind you

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Goddess Headgear Part 1

Contents of scrapbook loosely titled"Goddess Headgear."The only rule to get into the scrapbook is that whatever is adorning the wearer`s[female] head [or in the region of] has to say "power."And so ideally be fitting headwear for a Goddess.

Some of the pic`s might seem a bit wide of the mark,unintentionally hilarious,the fancy dress Amazon,above, for example,not a good place to start.But i saw something inspiring when i glued it in and i stand by that,whatever it was.

I have been thinking of making headwear again for my online shop,but attatching things to headbands till they look gloriously insane is easy and getting them to stay on your head[so you can sell them]is not.

However i am filled with baseless optimism at the brilliant prospect of perhaps creating something maybe someday that,you never know,doesn`t fall off my head when i look down.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Any Old Iron...Wringer/Mangle.

Acme Wringer/mangle for sale on ebay.I had hoped it might convert into a printing press but the rollers are too old,no longer flat.It creased some oddly pretty creases into pretty much every bit of paper i fed through it.It is too large a bit of equipment to have hanging around as a 'paper creaser';

I was going to put the fry`s chocolate sign on Ebay too,found it in the cellar when i moved in into this house.Looking at the pictures of it i have become too fond of it again to want to figure out the postage and packaging.