Sunday, 21 September 2008

Egyptian Goddess

Its really unusual to see a sculpture of a female that is huge, imposing, impressive and powerful.This one of an Egyptian Goddess is also a little bit spooky-bonus points!Its the Huge eyes and it was all red originally?Red is used under gold nowadays when gilding but maybe they didnt back then ,i dont know maybe it was gold.I swear it also looks a little mishcheivous.

Huge Giantess all red/gold/black?goddess,staring down at the population with her massively scary black mishcheivous eyes.I dont know if Archaeologists have a methodology for finding out who the cool people were in antiquity but i hope if they ever have that she is one of them.

Dan Aykroyd Express

I may be trying to do something more complicated than my brain can yet get comprehensive control over here.I wanted to 'embed'[hahaha] them but it didnt happen.These little vids of Dan Aykroyd are a really interesting if to prove nothing more than the obvious fact that as entertaining a guy as this could entertain you reading the phone book.Not sure whats more fascinating here the exotic train or Dan
The tour;

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Ex sCRAPbook interior`s

The top picture has a Bruce Tippett scroll top picture.I held onto this because i think i like the interior view and not the scroll top pic,i cant imagine it working that well in may other places...
The funky coloured kitchen picture i found in amongst property listings.If only those makeover shows ever did anything half as imaginative as this...

Thursday, 11 September 2008


2 random scrapbook images.Really couldn`t get all the creases out of that fabulous pink room [in america somewhere]so it is a bit blurry.One boney looking boney cat print i did from yrz ago and one adorable sleepy Moana who i woke up just to take this picture [-she was face down snoring into the blanket] when i had some film left a few years ago before digital became compulsory.