Thursday, 22 November 2012

Novelty Pretty ChristmasTea Cosies and a Snake Scarf

Handmade items from MollysKnitted available on Mollys Knitted Folksy and Etsy.
 A delightfully festive feel to this warm and wonderful tea cosie with it`s red and white and green stripes on a fruitcake brown base.
Another festive crochet cosie.The dangly berries are stuffed with a soft polyester filling 

I love the colours in this scarf,they are based on a real life snake
 Extra long,this chap was quite tricky to photograph

This is one of the prettiest coloured roses tea cosies mollys knitted has made yet.Although i probably should confess i love it partly because all the pastel colours remind me of icecream

Not my best photographed beehive tea cosie.I have sold quite a few of these but the pink background, whilst pretty is just not as effective as the white.My attempt at doing something a bit different with the beehive cosie seems to have stalled sales of them!

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