Thursday, 29 August 2013

Plump and Pretty Cosy Colourful Cushions

If you want to lay asleep amidst the flowers for more than acouple of hours then these beautiful flower festooned cushions might be just the thing for you....
 Pink Frilly Cushion

This baby blush pink colour cushion is the sweetest and most girly of all the cushions.It has a pretty little daisy garden of white flowers on each side.

There are two cushions in white.This one has more creamy white wool in it than the other.There is also a slightly shiny pearly look thread running through the cream wool used.There is a pretty little flower garden of pastel pink and blue flowers on each side.
 White Heavenly Cushion
This is the most unusually coloured cushion of all of them.The pink blue and green layers on this side are reveresed on the other,with the green being in the centre and the pink on the outside.I can`t help thinking about the hanging gardens of babylon when i look at it,it is so lush...
 Rainbow Flowery Cushion

This blue cushion is the most loosely crocheted of all the cushions
 Beautiful Blue Cushion

The peach wool used in this cushion is a heavier type of wool not at all like the acrylic blend wools used for all the others.It is a bit like a cotton yarn
 Peachy Cushion

I know i should tag this cushion 'shabby chic' but the 'shabby' bit does not come easy! It has huge bright blooms on both sides in an almost patchwork like style.

 Lacy Edged White cushion

This gorgeous garden flower bed of a cushion shabby chic style  recently sold.

This lovely yellow cushion was unexpectedly tricky to photograph.I think the delicate pale pastel yellow wool used is much prettier in reality.


I just logged in to do a lovely post full of lovely new Mollysknitted items.There are half a dozen new pretty cushions now for sale on my Mollysknitted Etsy site and i found all these weird chinese folders in Google docs.What on earth are they?I have no idea and no interest.I have not got the time to translate all this.Hoping publishing it might put them off.

It spoils my lovely blog of lovely handmade items,but not for long!And anyway on an aesthetic level i think the chinese writing is a bit pretty anyway!