Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Novelty Tea Cosie`s and A Rainbow Snake Scarf

The plump little wool berries all over the top of this gorgeous white gateau cosie are filled with a washable polyester stuffing.
 These beautiful cake tea cosie`s have padding in the top,this helps them keep the cake shape and keeps the heat in the tea pot...
The amazing fudge coloured ribbon on the tasty looking cosie has been washed several times and has not yet lost it`s shape!


This beautiful vibrantly colourful rainbow stripes tea cosie keeps putting me in mind of the American flag ...leaves me wondering if there is much call for national flag themed tea cosies...


The hand knitted poppies on this black and red cosie are really beautifully made,some are smaller and sweeter than remembrance day paper poppies,others larger with several layers.The very small ones have two shades of red wool used in there creation.These mixed red poppies really give the cosie  an elegant and well made look.



The beehive tea cosie is 'upcyled' -knitted from the remains of several balls of beige wool which do not exactly match ,you can see this if you look close enough,this give a delightful shabby chic feel to the overall creation


This pretty snake has slightly shiny green wool used to create his snake eyes.He has two layers of colourful knitted wool stripes for extra warmth.

I thought  photographing this unique creation would be trickier than it was,due to the length of this wriggly chap,but as you can see from this last picture it just looks like what it is from pretty much any angle!

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