Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Black and White Hats and Scarves

 This is one of the most most modern looking,fashionable urban style hats.It would go with any colour hair or outfit...

 This is a super warm black and white wool hat ,the brim can be worn turned up or down.Most of the hats blogged so far have been more womens style hats but this is more a mans style hat.A fisherman's or Mariners hat

 Who ever said you need the sun to have fun! This lovely bee themed hat and scarf set is crocheted in a very soft touch lightweight type of wool

 This striped snake scarf is very long and is made up of two layers of knitting.An extra warm huggable humbug of a serpent!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Greens Blues and Violet Striped Hats

 This is such a really leafy green hat it might even attract greenfly! Soft and warm in a thickly crocheted mix of two different shades of wool.

 I don`t know if my mother Molly intended to create a camouflage look when she crocheted this deep rich green shade wools together but that was certainly the outcome [no point in asking as she will never remember.] These green wools are really 'Woodland' colours.It would be a very fitting hat to birdwatch in!

This unusual hat looks pale green because it was created by closely crocheting together a pale blue and a yellow wool.It`s a very Monet hat somehow,with the pretty daisies looking like lilies sat on the edge of a sunlit garden pond

This is a really beautiful shade of blue wool.An azure cloudless blue skies blue to keep in mind better weather when it`s all gone grey.

This is not strictly a matching hat and scarf set.It is 'upcycled' -made from lots of different blue wools and colours that compliment the blues.There are some matching blued colours in both hat and scarf but not all of them as the scarf is that much bigger

A unique one of kind shabby chic style creation,using too many colours for it even to be possible to recreate it!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Peaches Pinks and Red Hats and Scarves

This is made from two different types of wool that match in colour.Both lovely warm peach shades but one is  very soft cotton wool like texture an the other an ordinary acrylic blend wool.There are six  perfect little peach flowers in total.


Another lovely warm shade of peach.This is a simple acrylic blend wool but tightly crocheted it is very warm.The brim can be worn turned up or down on most of the bernie style hats...

This lovely shabby chic style hat always puts me in mind of marmalade[definitely one with the orange peel still in] It is such a juicily fruity mix of orange colour wool and a little bit Christmassy really,just needs tinsel

^This is the hat photographed from above^

Very sweet simple shade of pink wool hat,again thickly crocheted for warmth

A lovely pale pink collection of wools in a shabby chic style hat.Great for keeping your hair in place on windy days as well as keeping the chill out.The brim is crocheted in a warm bubblegum pink colour wool,with a lacy edge.

^Photographed form above


This is a great city hat,a beautiful way to stand out in the urban landscape like a modern Red Riding hood! Crocheted thickly in a rich lush red wool which is a bit festive looking too for when you  are feeling Christmassy

I love these colours,they work so well together.The bubblegum pink and the hot red.It took quite a bit  of insistent requesting [nagging] to get my mother Molly who does all the crocheting and knitting to finally put them together as she does not like red at all and generally opposes it.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Cosy Cream and Neutral Colours Crochet Warm Wool Hats

These mostly neutral or mixed colour hats are the ones that will go with any outfit or hair colour.

style hat is very soft and sweet,a bit smaller than the rest of the hats.It has a very soft touch a sort of velvety soft texture

This is an unusual mix of colours hat but the pink and light brown works beautifully.It would be flattering to any hair colour but i think it would go very well with red hair

Definitely a hat that would go with most outfits.The black and white and gray wool is the same sort of super soft velvety wool as in the rainbow wool in the first hat but the cream is an ordinary acrylic blend wool

This is a deceptively warm hat.Very thickly crocheted in cream acrylic blend wool and beautifully trimmed with white wool frilly lacy look edging.I think it might be a bit more modern looking without the flowers on it...
 My mother Molly who does all the knitting and crocheting for the MollysKnitted shop loves making the flowers and tends to put them on everything!But they could be easily snipped off without any damage to the hat if requested...

Another deceptively warm hat,very thickly crocheted.Perfect to keep the chill out on a winters day

The flowers work beautifully on this scarf!Looking like a heavenly garden border in full bloom...

The scarf itself is a bit wide and works equally well as a pretty wrap

This is a very very soft hat,the wool is of a velvet like texture,it is lovely to handle and warm too. It`s a bit like a Santa hat in reverse colours[there is a Santa hat available and an Elf hat!}

I love this hat.It`s a large hat and would fit a larger head size or a head with lots of hair.It`s just so pretty with all the frilly wool crochet layers it is really very sweet!