Sunday, 12 October 2008

Jewellery On DaWanda

I have so much Jewellery for sale on Da Wanda at the moment i dont know where to begin when it comes to adding pictures.Da Wanda is a great site for sellers as it is free to list but it hasn`t quite taken off yet,there aren`t too many buyers around.It`s lovely to look at and somehow less irritating than Etsy.My shop;

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Native American Dress

canadian indian wearing traditional maple leaf and eagle symbols.Alaskan Indian dancing dress with Bear.Zuni jewellery

san juan indian in new mexico wearing face paint.Decorated mocassins."Indians beleive a foot should be as lovely as the earth it walks upon"I collected these pics from a magazine years ago and that is what it said*shrugs*

Cherokee cheif wearing plains bonnet.Animal fur plummage.San Juan indian buffalo dancers skirt.Zuni Jewellery.
Right.I might have got the descriptions mixed up i have had these cut out so long i dont remember the pages they were form or what magazine it was,anyway they are still intriguing.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Thomas Heatherwick

I like these kind of public works a lot, i wish this guy was more in the public eye i think his street art imparticular is more engaging than a hundred Damien Hirst spot paintings but he`s a designer really...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

SCRAPBOOKING;Julian Opie`s swimmers ,Squid/Octopus?

I love what Julian Opie did on the side of that swimming pool.It`s interesting to ponder if other buildings had such literal depictions of what went on inside them on the outside...
Its so humorously serene i think it makes you laugh at all the things you`ve heard about "the deep" like the good disaster at sea tale, the proper gothic nightmare with storms,sharks,man-eating squid , Octopi,pirates,pirhanas,carnage.