Saturday, 18 December 2010


Olafur Eliasson`s The Weather Project which was at Tate Modern in London in 2004.Wish i lived near London and had seen this.Apparently there was a reflective ceiling and spray machines that created a mist and the appearance of a dissolving/setting sun.

They should cancel some of the repeats on tv over the christmas break get Olafur to put this on!

The line across the middle is where it has been folded for years and you can see the newspaper print coming through from the other side a bit.
I just love this pic`.I know it`s an AD for a phone company but i think it`s so much better than that.I like the drawing style and the Smooth vampire taking his bat for a walk ,it`s got charm!
I have had this since the year 2000 though,and just bought a new phone on 3 network so as advertising it may not have worked...
Article from The Independant on Sunday 1996 about how camoflage started as the work of abstract artists who;"thought their work rather gorgeous" by John Windsor.
Tamara De Lempicka`s 'Juene Fille a la fenetre '1933.
'Girl at the window'
Another newspaper save,you can see the print coming through again.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Goddess Headgear Part 3

From an Opera Ad

This black and white nude woman,Goddess figurine was found by archeologists
Album cover

This is the last of the Goddess Headgear,the rest of the pic`s are either of the "big hair" or "imperious posture/expression" variety and not so directly about imbuing "power" on the wearer.
Bit suprised there were not more pop/rock stars.I must have been looking in the wrong places,i`m sure Lady Gaga aught to be here.No doubt i will hit a rich vein of pictures now i`ve stopped.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Knitting;
Multi-coloured Clown Doll
Red Haired Blue Dressed Doll
Lovely Lilac Dressed Doll
Red Dressed Doll

Not really sure how best to advertise all my mothers knitting...Going along with my new motto;"any place you can add a link is a good place to add a link"

Anyway The Knitting has arrived,there is a lot more of it to come;bootees,knitted animals,more and more hats,dolls,tea cosys[wtf?]and hopefully at some point some of it will sell[?]

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Goddess Headgear Part 2

This is a sketch of " Miss Terrifica"Who is/was crimefighting superhero/man in drag.He looked great though.

Had to pick bits of plaster off this to scan it,bit of a mess.
I love this glass/crystal umberella,and if it got caught in the wind it could probably kill the person behind you

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Goddess Headgear Part 1

Contents of scrapbook loosely titled"Goddess Headgear."The only rule to get into the scrapbook is that whatever is adorning the wearer`s[female] head [or in the region of] has to say "power."And so ideally be fitting headwear for a Goddess.

Some of the pic`s might seem a bit wide of the mark,unintentionally hilarious,the fancy dress Amazon,above, for example,not a good place to start.But i saw something inspiring when i glued it in and i stand by that,whatever it was.

I have been thinking of making headwear again for my online shop,but attatching things to headbands till they look gloriously insane is easy and getting them to stay on your head[so you can sell them]is not.

However i am filled with baseless optimism at the brilliant prospect of perhaps creating something maybe someday that,you never know,doesn`t fall off my head when i look down.