Friday, 28 September 2012

New Range! Peculiar and Pretty Art Postcards...

Starting with the Peculiar;this Halloween hand drawn postcard is a one off original idea by myself.Inside each stamped sized little frame is a villainous rogue of my own creation.Some of them smile invitingly,some of them glare out through slightly less than human features!There is a spooky youth in the  bottom right corner,it is just Halloween after all…

This 'Gone',one word postcard is open to interpretation to some extent,which was the intention.I simply really like the way the font turned out,like typewriter font but somehow a bit more expressive.The simple white on black crosshatched background seems to highlight the font best.

It`s a bare bones,statement of plain fact postcard-you went-so you said you went,with a postcard that just said "gone"Could be sad,could be just a fact.

 This is really a concerted effort at doodling ,it was a lot of fun to create but i had to keep steering myself away from drawing faces which i did not want on it.The overall effect of all the doodling is quite lacy and pretty which i had hoped for.
I love some of the little love heart doodles and may yet enlarge and paint some of them.
The results are always interesting when you just switch off and start doodling,sometimes delightful!

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