Tuesday, 7 August 2018

This is not the first world,what is it?

Complaint Form

Convention against Torture

Detail, in chronological order, the facts and circumstances of the alleged violations. Include all matters which may be relevant to the assessment and consideration of the particular case. Please explain how you consider that the facts and circumstances described violate your rights.
-I have been persecuted, tortured and surveilled consistently for as long as i can recall since i was a teenager by unknown individuals run by a woman known only to me as Atilla. It has become apparent throughout the course of my life that this person runs a criminal militia who often pose as British security services.
It has been suggested to me that Atilla is persecuting me simply to demonstrate her dislike of my mother and or to get me into her employment as my mother it has been suggested once was.
No one has ever approached me in any official capacity to legitimately ask me to work for or with them.
My human rights have always been violated. Every aspect of my life has been subject to intense attempt at total control. Leading to my being isolated from family friends, barred from further education and work. Everyone i have ever known, associated with or simply had repeated dealings with has been approached and used to control me in some way.
As a teenager I was told i should be someone else. The people around me were used to try and suggest me into actions i was then harassed because i choose not to take. Whilst attending West Leeds Girls High School it was suggested repeatedly to me that i should have sex with a teacher. A suggestion i suspected to be an attempt to set me up.
 I was told that I would remain a virgin until I had sex with the people i was told to have sex with and that same sex attraction was not allowed [and my mother and myself would be killed for it]unless it was again with who I was told to. As a teenager I found all this extremely distressing  and much too much to deal with.
At one point the teachers  called my mother in for a meeting and sat us in front of a Spanish inquisition style panel of teachers, half of whom I had never encountered before. It became clear that the intention was purely to intimidate and level abuse at us both. The premise for the meeting was my failing attendance I think, but the process was so unnecessarily aggressive that my mother simply suggested that I should stop attending.
Pressure, bullying, cajoling and threatening was put on school friends to make me the person they wanted to me to be [ was too quiet I was told] and when this failed I was left estranged and isolated. It was never really explained to me what was happening just that I should do as I was told. All bar one of the teachers at my High School were compliant with this narrative, a single english teacher did not appear to be.
 A bid was made to get me to sign something which sounded like an Official secrets act.All the girls in my year were required to sign this but rebelled at not being able to read it before signing. Getting together and putting together what they had managed to read one girl broke off and phoned her mother who was a lawyer and was told if she felt she was being given no choice to get out of the building.Several girls came up holding me by the shoulders and speaking firmly into my face “DO NOT SIGN SARAH” they said.
It is something i have remembered all my life because the day after the headmistress called me into her office and had me sign something she said was simply a formality, nothing really, just a requirement of the upcoming examinations or something and then she laughed evilly as i left..Eventually in their frustration i was barred from eating at mealtimes and not allowed into the dining hall and when i was diagnosed at 16 with non Hodgkins lymphoma they initially thought it was anorexia because i weighed 7 stone.
People told me at the time that there was “something your mother isn’t telling you Sarah” but Molly would just say that i was better off not knowing.;” Don’t be daft” was all she would ever say when i questioned her or asked why someone was watching us, looking through our windows or who would steal food from our freezer or allotment which someone appeared to be doing for awhile;
”Don't be daft. There's enough daft buggers`s  about already.”

As a result of the Lymphoma I was unable to sit any of the GCSE examinations I had studied for and predicted to do well in recent mock exams. After a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy  I went to Park Lane College in Leeds  were I was only able to sit 5 of the GCSEs I had studied for. Its has been indicated to me that the results of these exams were lowered.I then took 2 A-levels and went to a local art school to sit a BTEC in fine arts.
I was the target of a very blatant witch hunt at Leeds College of Art and Design[they have since changed their name]A teacher called Elspeth deliberately isolated me from other students referring to me as evil constantly and requiring them to be recruited into her hate campaign against me or face the same isolation and abuse.I had barely met and hardly knew this woman at the time.She continued encouraging this verbal abuse throughout the course whipping up the hatred amongst the students into a fever pitch of over excited hatred. My work was dismantled slandered ,small darts thrown at me.It felt to me like a witch hunt and I was the innocent witch and could be dragged out into the street and hung from the nearest lamppost at some point.
Elspeth barred me from the fine arts study of my choice and physically exiled me to the farthest corner of the crafts room to study applied arts. Elspeth recruited every  other student in my year into her hate campaign which was very unsettling and stressful since I had done nothing to provoke it. My work and attendance suffered greatly as a result. It was never suggested that this behavior was meant to have any particular impact on me other than to prevent my entrance into higher education.Which it did not. Although I was told repeatedly that I would not be allowed to complete a degree I was young enough still not to believe in this  and considered it to be ridiculous nonsense.Who is allowed to tell some one what they can and cannot do in this way?   
I was not allowed to continue onto the second year the Applied Arts degree course at Derby University. I was told that i had not accrued enough credits.This was due in part to one of my essays”disappearing” although i had completed it, handed it in and been told it was ‘brilliant” by a teacher in passing.I even still had the a4 yellow receipt from handing it in.I also had not accrued enough credits as i had never been given a full timetable of lessons and lectures as was indicated on more than one occasion by other students on the course.Who let me know i was missing lectures and lessons but never went so far as to tell me where or when. My course tutor denied everything I put to her and assured me that I was simply not coping very well and she had seen it many times before.
It was after having contact with Elspeth and my time at University that I realized a great many of my creative ideas were being stolen.At art school Elspeth had photocopied many pages of my sketchbooks letting me know forthright that she could use these ideas to make money and that there would be nothing I could do about it. My former art teacher on my A-level course also stole a variety of art works spilling wine on my sketchbook and claiming them “lost”
My ideas continued to be mined at University and not a year has passed by in the interviewing years when i have not seen one of my designs used in some shop or other.When i left education my ideas continued to be stolen.Most notably my union jack strawberries and cream design  which i still see everywhere quite often.My smarties themed jewelry and little rainbow spots necklaces.The ideas i have had stolen are too numerous to mention and stretch to short stories, doodles, thoughts in diaries, scrapbook drawings, musings and daydreams.
Moving back to Leeds to live with my mother we continued to be subjected to a campaign of 24/7 noise from the neighbors in the semi next door which was attached to ours.There was a space in the loft in between our roofs which my father had blocked up and they unblocked, allowing them access to our roof crawlspaces. Inevitably they began to come into our house causing disturbances and trouble.They also let there youngest child obsesss over our pond throwing things in it constantly catching goldfish and eventually piercing the pond lining.
We moved to Keighley in 1999, into 55 Grafton Road and enjoyed two years of delightful peace and quiet before the family owning the Shimla spice restart aunts moved into the large house next door.The patriarch of this family is rumored to be a poisoner for Atilla and it was at this time that i experienced IBS and a great many different digestive discomforts which may or may not have been related but i never had such problems before they moved in.
I long felt that someone had given them some means of access to our house as i often heard footsteps down our laminate hallway but never caught anyone.I know it was not my mother  as she was so often at work and did once put talcum powder down and caught an odd pointy toed mans footprint..I also saw a disembodied hand punching numbers into our alarm system on serveral occasions when my mother was in bed.Food disappeared from our freezer that only i ate and my mother didn’t even like.
We also had intense noises from the house at the other side.On a jobcentre course at college one year I was subjected to constant hammering so that I was not able to sleep and found it difficult to attend.
I often heard the children out tormenting my mother as she gardened, telling her ;”get rid of her Molly’” meaning she had to get rid of me. My mother ignored them.
The noise was largely children screaming and gone wild without parental control.They ran amok around our house pulling out grouting from between brick walls and pulling off trellis hold plants up.Climbing on walls till they became loose and constantly throwing things in the garden.
I appealed to environmental health Bradford council for help and have several noise diaries from this time.A noise machine was briefly installed but they seemed to know this and kept it down whilst it was recording.The police claimed it was none of their concern. Lawyers were out of our reach as they, the Shimla family threatened that they were able to spend more money on them than us.The law itself seemed out of reach.
We struggled for years to move and endured many hours of viewings from people who were bringing their children to engage in petty theft.We lost money bidding on a house in Barnsley when our almost buyer pulled out when they couldn’t get a mortgage. It seemed like a set up.
It was during this time that my computer was hacked and it became clear to me that I was being watched through it. I was questioned online for several years by James Fallon and the answers to these questions have clearly been used to torture me ever since. He said he had been paid $40,000 for this.He also told me  about a lot of things that were going to happen in the upcoming years and those things have more often than not happened.
I was told that if I ever visited the NBC building in need of help and the words “we sell aerosoles”[arseoles] were on the front of the building help would not be forthcoming which it was and help was indeed not forthcoming.
It was during these years-at least two years-2009/2010 when my computer was being hacked that I believe my cat Mona was murdered.Either through the poisoning of her flea treatments or by the Shimla family next door. I was allowed to buy Mona as a kitten from a local petshop when I was 16 years old.Two years after my father died and two years after I got her I first had cancer.She was great comfort to me and we effectively grew up together, knowing each others moods and quirks like family.I believe she was killed because of our close bond. Mona's loss to me is something I never recovered form.

My mother worked as a care worker throughout these years and aged visibly about 20 years in appearance.She worked untold hours week at one point just being driven from job to job and not returning for three days.She was however consistently never allowed to make much more than two hundred pounds a week she often complained.
Due to the constant screaming wild youth most of the residents of Grafton Road put there houses up and moved out in the 2002 to 2014 period.We were the only people left unable to move.
In 2014 my mother had a life changing health condition and nearly died in the back of an ambulance at the bottom of our garden.The Shimla`s youth ran around it laughing, screaming and shouting at her not to come back but the ambulance could not even take off because her blood pressure was so unstable.She was in Bradford Royal intensive care unit for 2 weeks and i had cancer of the parotid glands at the time.I started radiotherapy just after she came home. The harassment did not cease.
I was even harassed by an utterly shameless woman in the back of the transport car which takes you to and from St James hospital in Leeds. She seemed to feel that I aught to be a source of entertainment for the other passengers and registered her disapproval at some volume.
It was during this time I visited a Vision Express Optician`s in Trinity Leeds and was given an eyedrops in my  eyes on the premise I had very dry eyes.The liquid came out of my left eye, running down my cheek. On my way home i experienced a paralysis in the right eye and was unable to see for several minutes, which had never happened before.Vision express later claimed the drops were harmless and any after effects extremely unlikely.
Whenever I have attempted to have my sight tested or my spectacles updated I have been sold lenses that all staff swear are entirely appropriate but which I cannot properly see through, giving me eye spasms, headaches and difficulty with spatial awareness.
I also visited a dentist this year and was fitted with an oversized filling, which I was fortunately able to remedy by visiting a private but somewhat expensive dentist.
It was not long after this that my mother began to act strangely and i was never sure if it was acting or real dementia.I could get no help from doctors or dementia charities who kept telling me that it was “up to my mother” whether she sought help or not.My mother insisted she was fine and would not budge but was brought back from Leeds by the police one day after going to the coast for a day out and returning home to the wrong house.She had gone back to the house we had lived in Leeds.
My mother Molly was given a great deal of medication  which she did not appear to trust.She continued to drink the tap water and had constant diarrhea and cystitis. She did not appear to trust any food that I would buy her would only keep milk in the fridge, didn’t often use it and lost great deal of weight.
A social worker from Bradford council turned up one day with a female co worker.The man was called John Mcdermott.They stayed one hour and then took her to a care home .I overheard  my mother asking the woman “they wont kill her will they” and was told;
’we wont kill  her Molly”
Molly was robbed of one thousand pounds in the care home in Bingley. A crime I could never get to the bottom of and was told  quite aggressively  that it was none of my business.
It was after her stay in Bingley that she went to stay with her”friend” Anne in Haworth[whom i have since overheard confessing she did not know that my mother would never be allowed back.] It was one night during her stay in Haworth that i heard the familiar sound of her coming up the street but then the sound of car doors slamming and her telling someone she was just “going home for a bit” and the sound of male voices telling her she wasn’t and then driving off .I waited for the familiar sounds of the garden gate opening and the front door slamming which having heard her voice was what should have followed but it never happened. It was too unbelievable to me at that time that someone would stop her entering her own house.Who could or would even do that to my mother ? and why?
Shortly after this I was served a court order and asked to move out of the house which I did.Leaving half my possessions as I was unable to move them at that time and did not have the space. I was not informed who would be looking after my mother but Mcdermott assured me he would keep an eye on her. In front of a judge who asked;
 “Can we do this to someone?”
Referring to me. John mcdermott appeared to be in control, confirming that he could get further paperwork should it be required. Mcdermott appeared to be in control of my mother.Leading her away when she wanted to speak to me.Telling her that it was not a good idea to talk to me. I had been falsely accused of being violent toward her and interviewed by the police.
I moved into a flat on North Street in Keighley in June 2014 and was unable to drink the tap water after the third day.It gives you diarrhea. For a while it seemed as though my mother was living in one of the flats on my street I kept hearing her voice or someone was mimicking her very well.

I heard my mothers voice on numerous occasions for several weeks, although I did not see her. After a while I heard sobbing at the other side of the bedroom wall and her asking if she could see me or talk to me and I was so upset I was in tears too. If it was her she was not allowed to see or speak to me and was sent away. I did not hear her voice or whoever was mimicking her after this.
Some months after moving into this flat on North Street it became apparent that I was no longer able to keep food in the kitchen cupboards or fridge as it was being poisoned whilst I was out or asleep and everything made to give me diarhhea. I was buying bottled water from local supermarkets for a while until that too became poisoned.I travelled further and further away to buy unpoisoned water. Traveling to Wakefield, Harrogate, Ilkley and all around West Yorkshire simply to get fresh water and then I had to tape it into a sealed box at night and sleep on top of it so it was not tampered with.
It became clear to me slowly over time that there are entrances and exits into the flat that are concealed.The main one was most apparently a crack in the plaster in the shape of a door and the landlord admitted it still was a door into flat 1 that he had simply plaster-boarded over. At other times passageways have clearly been just opened or closed as the other occupants are smokers and the air is still fowled from the carparks and ashtrays smell.I am neither a driver or smoker. Cracks constantly appear in walls where I have filled them.
The kitchen appears to be the most used entrance into my flat as coming in through it involves loosening the hot tap which is now so loose I have to hold it to turn it on. Other indicators are the constant smell of male urine in my buckets, flies in a sealed windowless room and a layer of dirt on the floor even though it is now the least visited or even opened room in the flat.
I had no money and was only able to get seventy pounds a week from the DWP[Department For Work and Pensions] whom  I visited once a fortnight. I was applying for sometimes hundreds of jobs a day at a local library and only rarely receiving feed back or interviews.Which when I turned up to them it was obvious they had been forwarded about providing me employment and the grief they would be met with were they to do so.     Consequently i had one cleaning job for one week and one charity chugger job for barely 24 hours
I also had to sleep in increasing awkward places in order to not be poisoned by something which appeared to be a kind of dart gun which shot poison into my nose so breathed it in and became ill and struggled to breath.At one point sleeping with my head almost out of the window and having to move a massive double mattress everyday. i was diagnosed as iron deficient anaemic at this time and later vitamin d deficient. I have suffered constant ear and chest infections since living in this flat which i never had much problem with before.
It was a year after moving into the flat at North Street two days before Christmas Day 2015 that two police officers informed me that my mother had died of a heart attack.I was grief stricken despite people too numerous to mention telling me from this point on that Molly is not dead and is alive and well and living in Australia.
Arriving back in the Grafton Road house after a year i could see that Mcdermott had not kept an eye on my mother at all and was deeply moved by the state i found the place in.It smelt of human and cat urine.The front room was filthy, the back garden full of rubbish, very little food in cupboards or fridge.Her bedroom looked like a crime scene with everything in disarray and signs of a bloody struggle all over  bedside drawers and a pool of blood on the floor.
There was nothing written on her calendar suggesting she had nothing to do no, one to see and no where to go.It was harrowing.It was as if someone else had been living there instead of her.Which at the time didn’t enter my thought but in retrospect is quite possible.
It was a great emotional and physical strain at that time to clean and sort out her things with constant pain starting in my left hip which turned out to be quite likely the recurring non Hodgkins lymphoma
    The house needed expensive  building work as the bathroom toilet was beginning to fall through the floor into the cellar and were rot had dissolved several timber beams in the cellar. Simply entering the house and not finding my mother sat in her familiar seat next to the fire is something I have still not recovered from.
 I had been told more times that I can recall for many years starting around 2009 that I would be safer if I went to New York and that I would be able to get my mother back. In 2015 I got probate on the house and had to sell it to cover the 35,000 equity loan on it that my mother had previously released.
I had been told to my relief  by then that i would not be allowed back into Britain but a few weeks before leaving i was assaulted in my sleep and something injected into my left leg which began to swell from then on.I `briefly overheard a male voice saying;
”She`ll have to come back now” before awaking.
Being separated from my mother for this long is deeply upsetting and not knowing really whether she is dead or alive not even able to speak to is something I struggle to cope with on a daily basis Often I cannot deal with it at all.I have a burial plot and  a headstone with her details on. I held  funeral and invited her sisters and friends. Still people tell me she is alive but I cannot see her or speak to her because Atilla is against it for some reason. I can never stop expecting to find her somewhere particulary in and around here in West Yorkshire where we lived for so long and have so many memories of those times.
I visited America with the hope of finding my mother which I did not and claiming asylum which I was not able to do when I could not find a lawyer to represent me. Although I did overhear the lawyer I had found and asked to represent me arguing volubly with someone who was evidently telling him he was not allowed to help me.
A large number of Atilla`s foot soldiers had followed me to America and the following morning on arrival I was not able to eat at the breakfast buffet at the hotel as I was informed it was poisoned.They followed me all around Manhattan a mix of American and english foot soldiers or security services.Some of them were vocally expressing their support and helping me which was great relief I could not have done without. Although another type towards the end of my stay began to drop me which was the first time I became aware of this happening and believe I was given  cancer through this method.
Dropping is a means they have of rendering you unconscious and then conscious again without you being aware of it or what they did to you whilst you were out. This is not always the case as you can usually taste or feel the poison or have the effects when you later when you get diarrhea.The most frequent indicators you were just dropped at the moment are the men discussing what they did as they leave. Time is missing your memory cant account for  or your train of thought is suddenly lost.A passerby who knows nothing of what is going on looks alarmed or peoples children are upset. Someone has moved and my possessions have often been tampered with.There is occasionally alarmed talk of rape which having no evidence of I choose to ignore.
The process of my constant harassment has been monetized.Only a few days ago I overheard a woman on her phone reporting my whereabouts and reading out her bank details.Everyone who gets on public transport that I am on  gets paid twenty pounds. Recently dropping me was receiving a six hundred pound payment although I am not sure this is still the case as I have been dropped so frequently I suspect the price has come down.
I was also told I had a blood clot in Chelsea,New York at the Mount Sinai there by a Dr Chuey and that I would need treatment for this or I would be at risk of heart failure on the plane home. I believe that the injections I was prescribed were meant to give me the cancer but they didn’t at so I was dropped by some strand of the American security services  or Atilla`s arm of American foot soldiers and the cancer administered into my person manually as once my leg began to swell much worse from  that time onwards. I do not believe I had a blood clot.
It was made clear to me that I would have to leave America and would not be seeing my mother.A  fact which I found to difficult to accept and stayed on until the day before  the visa ran out in the hope she was there and I might see her at great emotional and financial expense to myself.

On returning to the Uk,Keighley I had a massively swollen left leg which before treatment began I could barely bend and was put on Chemotherapy over Christmas of 2016/2017.
Prior to this I did attempt not to return to the North Street flat staying  in Liverpool unsuccessfully looking for a small house to purchase then Hartlepool where I put a bid on a small semi and briefly Burnley where the estate agents had been clearly forewarned to  be unhelpful. It was several months before I was told the house I had bid on had been bought by someone else. I again visited Hartlepool and put a bid on the semi at the other side which was accepted and I engaged a solicitor. Only to be told shortly afterwards that the sellers East Durham Homes had suddenly taken the whole street off the market and it was simply no longer for sale.
Other bids to rent flats in Leeds have also been blocked as have my many bids on social housing in the Leeds and Burnley areas.
I was harassed by a bully of a nurse whilst staying in hospital up to the Christmas period of 2017. She was fortunately dealt with by other staff at the hospital.
I was also subjected to an intrusive and aggressive campaign of noise from the foot soldiers in staying in the flat upstairs. Very clearly obviously and audibly surveilling my every movement the noise in the form of crashing and banging followed me around the flat from room to room and stayed above me wherever  I was.
I was also aware that the chemotherapy was not having greatly adverse affect on my body until I returned to the flat whereupon I would require constant anti sickness pill and antacid pills.I was gassed by noxious invisible fumes, everywhere in the flat.I was given constant diarrhea or constipation and still not able to keep food, drink or medication in the flat.
When becoming exhausted from the effects of the chemotherapy the foot soldiers took this as an opportunity to push me about in the local shopping centers and supermarkets to crash into me physically with trolleys and baskets and attempt to push me over by pretending I was invisible.
Any food that they know I like is poisoned and left on supermarket shelves .I am often made aware that this catches other shopper unawares in overheard talk of complaints about heart palpitations and digestive disorders.I was given diarrhea for most of 2014 through poisoned water and recently had several intestinal polyps removed.
Later that year i was assaulted whilst asleep in my bed in the flat at North St and woken up in the early hours with the feeling of something weighing on my chest, i overheard; ’fucking hell lets get out of here” or words to that affect on waking and from that time until my heart operation found breathing very very difficult.It was shortly after this incident that i began to sleep in increasingly complicated bed set up in a bid to protect myself  whilst asleep. Eventually deciding to sleep inside a tent locked from the inside which I continue up to this day with only moderate success.
It was at this time that I was gassed with something that caused my heart to race uncontrollably I phoned the hospital who immediately called an ambulance and I was taken to the observation ward where I felt I would be ok as I was no longer in my flat.
I was sent to the LGI-Leeds General Hospital and told I had a defect on my heart that I must have been born with and that the chemotherapy must have effected it and made it too narrow for the blood to flow through.
I was given a very painful angiogram by a man I did not and still do not believe to be medically trained.My complaints of pain encouraged him to further cause pain. He did not listen to me and would not look me in the eye.There were people in the room laughing.My experience in the LGI was so concerning that i did not feel at all safe there and was not able to eat the food as it gave me diarrhea and there was one nurse on night who kept up noise all night making sure no one really slept which was directed at me i felt but also affected the entire ward.
The T.A.V.I surgery itself was undertaken without sufficient anesthetic which was only administered after I began to protest loudly at the surgeon who would not listen or look me in the eye began to cut away complaining he could not locate the veins he was looking for.I could feel every slice of his blade and I would not respond to being told to “shut up.”
Post the T.A.V.I operation I was kept in hospital for recuperation and continued to be gassed with something that affected my heart. Hooked up to  a heart monitor both myself and the nurses witnessed my heart rhythms remain normal whilst I was fanning the air away from my face  and become disturbed and abnormal when I was not fanning.
My repeated treatments of chemotherapy, over the course of six months in 2017 were administered by different nurses each time and I was never certain I was being given the correct treatment.There is a red colored injection called vincristine or rituximab and this was often missing. I was often harassed whilst sat in the chair hooked up to the chemotherapy delivering machine which you are attached to via a needle in your arm and therefore not free to escape. Atilla`s foot soldiers were always identifiable by the  socially unacceptable volume they carried on conversations with. Sometimes nurses would patiently attempt to point out that the aggressive tone was inappropriate but they know no shame and get paid for stunts like that.
To get to the hospital i have to travel on a short bus journey and Atilla`s foot soldiers continue to  cram themselves onto this until they can get no one else on board, causing Stress and discomfort to myself and other patients traveling to the hospital.This also often happens on the trains.There is also a toilet in the hospital that i have been repeatedly “dropped’ in that i now have to avoid. and an entire wing that has a food hall that it is no longer safe to visit;  ’don`t eat here today” someone said to me and i was watched very intensely every move i made on the last day i was ever in there.
It was after the end of the chemotherapy that I decided to enroll on a Health Sciences course at Keighley College with the hope of studying nursing.Someone in America had told me that nurses find it easy to emigrate because everywhere needs there skills.I felt that as a qualified nurse I would easily be able to emigrate to Australia with the hope of finding my mother Molly.
I had been told in High School that I should become a nurse and that I had no option should I want to get away from “them.”I had no understanding at the time and explanations were not forthcoming. A school friend also attempted to get me enrolled on a nursing course after cancer treatment and she was on it herself but again explanations were lacking at that time.
It was clear form the first few days at Keighley College that most of the other students on the course were Atilla`s. I overheard the most unpleasant one of them discussing how she would be able to pay her mortgage off with the fee of twenty-thousand pounds she would be receiving for getting me off the course. They isolated me form the beginning and I was dosed with repeated infections, although I was never absent I was informed by the course tutors after three months that I was too unwell to continue. Unofficially I learnt that I was not able to submit the first part of the coursework that I had completed as it was likely to pass with distinction and that this was upsetting Atilla.
It was during this time at Keighley College that it became obvious a great number of students had been recruited.The food in the school cafeteria poisoned and a large influx of newcomers had arrived in Keighley to make life difficult for me in order that i could not complete the course.It appeared to be an attempt at repeating what they had done to me at Art school in Leeds although the staff at Keighley college were nowhere near  as crazy as Elspeth. This was being made up for by the sheer numbers of students going into fever pitch mode.
These extra foot soldiers are still in Keighley to this day all hovering around seeking to do something to me for monetary gain. There has been talk again of rape which I choose to ignore due to the alarming nature of it and the lack of evidence.I was told recently that the chemotherapy I had to undergo has likely triggered the menopause. On being dropped in the kitchen recently i yelled at the flat next door [as to do this they have to block the wifi on my camera which means they are nearby]
“Do you ever get near ANYBODY conscious?”
I shouted and a male voice replied
“don`t have to.”
I am currently being intensely stalked everywhere I am by foot soldiers alarmed and aware I am writing to the UN. I suspect an attempt was made on my life crossing a road in Leeds on 6th August when I was almost hit by a bus.
The maths teachers at Keighley College were particularIy not allowed to teach me maths and pretty much said as much, as they had done in my youth. The other students in the maths lessons were on accession particularly abusive and unpleasant and so loud as to command all the teachers attention and not let me get a word in edgeways.As ever it was never made clearly to me what the purpose of all this unnecessary excitement was.
Shortly after leaving the course I was assaulted by a group of eastern europeans; dropped and given cancer which appeared a few days later in the form of a golf ball sized lump on the side of my head.This was confirmed to be another dose of the Marginal zone lymphoma which is also in my shoulder, liver, spleen and other areas of my body as i was also poisoned by the clopidogrel medicatIion blood thinner i was told to take for the heart valve transplant.
It has become clear to me that I will be dosed with the cancer until it is no longer treatable and it kills me or some complication from treatment is induced and I die from it and it has been suggested as much.
It was in aroundMay of 2018 that vast numbers of Atilla`s foot soldiers began to drop me and poison any food, water or medication I had on my person.I kept food, water and medication on my person as it is unsafe in the flat.
It has now become unsafe to walk around the local area, to or from buses or train stations or to wait in queues in shops. It is absolutely unsafe to sit in or attempt to eat in any local takeaways or restaurants as I have attempted this over several months and now been poisoned or dropped and poisoned almost everywhere. I travel daily out of town just to eat and drink and have had to forewarn my doctors that I will be unable to complete any course of medication that would require me to keep it on my person.
The surrounding area around north street and the fast food takeaway downstairs are inhabited by Atilla`s foot soldiers who audibly just sit around watching and waiting for the opportunity to drop me in my flat. I am constantly aware of being under surveillance as they shout out to each other up and down the street whatever it is I am doing. I have recurrent pain down my left side particularly in my left hips and right shoulder from the cancer inducing poisons I am recurrently dosed with.
For some reason none of this behavior is considered crime.My mother called the police repeatedly over harassment over the course of our lives but got nowhere and i was recently dropped at a busy Leeds train-station turnstile in front of two police officers who when questioned by staff responded that it was “none of our business’
I feel that my life has become an economy for a criminal underclass as i was told on the train only the other day whilst trying to avoid being dropped my a man telling his small child;
”we need to get some money you bitch”
They are a people who for whatever reason are unwilling to make an honest living or live with any dignity or decency. Occasionally it appears they are not allowed to drop me in certain places or that someone watching my security camera which I currently wear to use the bathroom are arresting people they see.Such rumors barely deter them or last very long.
Wherever I currently go is subject to abuse and harassment or bribery till they allow my dropping and or poisoning. I over hear queues of people behind me all asking the staff in shops if they can “drop her in here?” and sometimes staff getting abuse when I do not drink or consume the poison that has been served. Often I am aware that someone is simply viewing me as pound signs and I am being poisoned to make them money.
Currently there is a high price to be made for anyone who can poison any food drink or medication I have on me that I then consume as I am frequently dropped throughout the day  by people looking through my things. Even when I have evidently not been out or are just moving from one room to another, going to bed or using the bathroom.They are still searching my things for anything they could poison.
Everyone in Keighley, the town I live in who owns or works in a food shop, takewaway, restraunt or newsagents is under orders to poison me or allow my being dropped so that I might be poisoned.I do not often attempt to shop in this town.
I am aware that wherever I have eaten has been visited by Atiila`s foot soldiers demonstrating their main skill of socially unacceptable behaviour, uncommon loudnesss, abusive and aggressive tone and language. They often stand outside my windows indulging in this kind of behaviors, to what end is never declared. Most recently the male workers in the fast food place downstairs took to screaming and bawling outside my window around midnight.Hurling abuse when I requested they be quieter. I  contacted Bradford Council Environmental health Department who  requested they keep the noise and down and told me to contact the police should they become abusive again.
They are also causing the vision in my right eye to become increasingly blurred.It feels like I am being dropped and someone is cutting into my cornea. Any mistakes found here are likely due to my reduced eyesight.
I am submitting this account of my life in the hope that someone will help me get out of here.I am not well at this time and have, I believe forgotten a lot of things and omitted some from the sheer repetition of it; there are always smokers waiting to blow smoke at me as I do not like the smell, always people being aggressive and overloud. Always people wanting to get in front of me in a bid to  delay me.They follow me around to engage in such behavior. They never leave me alone.
Things that happened when I was a child are very vague in my memory and only my mother could confirm these things but I believe my parents had to move when I was 8 years old so that I would be attending one of the worst performing schools in West Yorkshire at that time; Thornhill Middle School [since demolished]. I was taught very little and almost no mathematics.
Maybe someone someday can find out why I was not allowed to live a life and why all this had to happen.The point of it all escapes me.The cost has reputedly run into millions but why?

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