Monday, 9 March 2015

Symptoms Like I Am Getting Cancer...

I write this in the hope someone with the medical knowledge can tell me how this is happening and hopefully how do i stop it proceeding to the previously suffered conclusion…

Last year i was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma of the parotid glands. My face swelled up either side and mumps was diagnosed which i got over in a week but the swelling remained.
I had a Lymhpnode removed at Bradford Royal Infirmary, tested, diagnosed and successfully treated with a course of Radiotherapy at St James in Leeds.

Freaking me out right now is all the symptoms that i suffered in the run up to the diagnoses have begun again. It really is groundhogs day. The only differences so far are that my acid stomach is being medicated and i don’t have mumps yet.

The Symptoms;


-The water tastes like it has lemon juice in it. Yorkshire Water have tested it and found the water at first to have Cryptospiridium in it but say that it is now clear. Bottled water is ok.

-When i drink the tap water the skin around my mouth dries out,turns white and flaky.Even if i just brush my teeth in it i get a sore throat.I choke if i drink it.

-Numbness up my spine between my shoulder and down my limbs


-Sick in my stomach feeling like i have eaten something bad

-tiredness and exhaustion

Future Symptoms I am Expecting;

-A viral infection[ mumps again?}

-A lump somewhere in a lymph node

-A horrible body odour like ammonia but sweatier

-Permanent exhaustion,loss of appetite,getting no energy from food.

-Severe stabbing pain in my joints.Pain in my joints moving and walking

The Inexplicable;

-Every item of food and drink i buy is perfectly ok in taste and smell On The Day I Buy It. The day after it becomes lemony in flavour, particularly the milk.

-My mother Molly whom i live with can taste nothing in anything. Although she has a long standing prescription for the same antacid i was recently prescribed.

-I was once informed the security services would be doing this to me for reasons never fully explained or believed.I have never committed a criminal act or been interested in such things. Not even religious. Surely this would cost money? And achieve what end?

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