Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Blue and Red Tea Cosie`s

This is a very bright red wool tea cosie,chilli red.The flowers are all curled up around the edges as though caught in mid bloom
You would be hard pressed to find a Tea Cosie More blue than this one!Every flower is blue and the Basket itself is more than one shade of blue.
The grey wool used in the flower basket of this Tea Cosie is much softer than most wools.

This dark blue basket tea cosie with light blue flowers has silver thread in amongst the flowers petal layers and along the sides of the baskets handle.It is a deep evocative midnight blue and really gets that "by the light of the silvery moon"song lyric stuck in my head.Which is double annoying as i suspect the rest of the song to be rubbish as i don`t recall any of it,or the singer,or the title...

This dark grey wool is a bit unusual,having whispy bits of white throughout it.Reminds me of a wet rainy wind swept seaside town as you can tell from the title.

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