Monday, 30 April 2012

Pink and Purple and Green...I Can See A Rainbow...Sing A Rainbow...

Coral hand basket and pretty pinks mixed flowers
This lovely light lilac`s,violet`s and lavender colour`s flower basket tea cosie is one of the prettiest
Lilac`s,Violet`s and light Purple Colours Tea Cosie
This fleshy pink and coral colour mixed wool tea pot warmer has something of the tropical about it,some of the flowers look a lot like  passionflowers
A richl thickly crocheted tea pot warmer,the dark inky purple really brings out the violet mix colour flowers on top.It has a lovely luscious look to it.
Dark Purples Flower Basket Tea Cosie
This light green  tea cosie looks a bit pastel shade but it isn`t quite.It is more solid a light green and the pink mix flowers on top are pastel pinks
Light Green Tea Cosie With Mixed Pinks
This green tea cosie with the bright red poppies on top is a little bit turquoise,you can see it has some blue in it[if you compare the basket to the leaves]just not enough to call it turquoise.There is one large tripled layered poppy on top,which should help keep the heat in whoever`s tea pot it ends up on! 

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