Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Female Culture Where R U? Big Asks...

Witch Rock Goddess With Ablaze Bouffant
Grey Scale Witchy Lady In Perfect Pose

This grey lady is meant to look made form ash.I thought i might singe all around the edge of the picture but fire is sooo unpredictable and it is quite a large picture...
Explosive Red Haired Fiery Fellow
Small Red Bloodied Witch Girl

These little witches look ceramic but are mostly cardboard and paper mache composite,which is a stronger kind of paper mache and can be sawn and sanded.This one has been covered in red resin which has dried solid plastic.Usually the drips are done with homemade gesso.
Scorpian Head dress Style,Shoulders and Head Red Goddess Figurine

Wondrous Witch In Perfect Pouty Pose Pastel Drawing
Moody Moggy Grey Faced Cat Print In Black Gloss Frame
Pretty Black Kitty Print In Hot Pink Frame
Tall Chic Punk Witch Figurine

This tall lady has aged very well and is looking somehow quite distinguished these days.
Mixed Media Witches Painting

In an after the disaster pose,these boney witches were a bit of a' just start it' and see where it goes sort of experiment.

Whilst i was making these items i realised what it is i want from female culture.I seem more often to spot the things i do not want from it such as fashion magazines,romantic comedies,dramas,relationship shows/stories and anything at all to with cooking.

But really there are a lot of things,It`s kind of a shopping list...

I want to know what those ancient cultures were,that had Goddess`s instead of god`s.What did their Goddess`s look like? I want to see films about them.I want to know what they believed in and how there societies differed from ours.Also i want to know how the Gorgons and Amazons lived,see films about them and their culture and lifestyles.How did this female dominated society work compared to modern society,does anybody know?

For every powerful,dominating statue of a male figure i want to see a female one.I want female culture to claim those powerful and dominating characteristics so associated with men for women.

I want to see female history commemorated/celebrated/reclaimed.The story of the women persecuted as witches retold as cautionary tales which still have relevance[it did not just happen in Salem.]I want all this to be a highly visible part of mainstream culture[that men can enjoy too if they wish to.]

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