Friday, 24 February 2012

Meshuggeneh Velt Etsy Shop

Empty Suit Acrylic Painting On Cardboard

Just opened a shop on Etsy for paintings,drawings and little witch figures.Had a browse around and am suddenly not optimistic,there are some fabulous arts shops on Etsy with under 20 sales!

Moody Black Faced Kitty Print In Hot Pink Frame
Black and White cubed Hearts Abstarct Painting
Small and Stout Little Red Witchling Figure
Little Pink Frame 'You Wouldnt Would You Woman'Badge
Witch As Rock Goddess With Aflame Updo

This is from my Etsy shop 'about me'
I do not believe in witches or the supernatural at all.I paint witches ironically and sarcastically which i always assume is obvious but keep being proved wrong.I find painting witches to be funny.That a woman can still get called a witch today is not particularly hilarious but I choose to have fun with the ridiculous and explore the many outfits and styles a modern witch could go for....

As Goya said ;"when reason sleeps demons take flight" i think this applies when people look at women,my witch pictures are an exploration of this.The image of the witch to me simply means an unnecessarily demonised woman,quite likely completely blameless.I do not know but do not believe that there is or ever was such a thing as a supernatural witch [bitch`s definitely exist though i`ve met lot`s of them!]

The little baby Witchling sculptures lead on from the pictures.Evolved from the generic 'ladies' symbol found on toilet doors all over the world.The most basic symbol of a woman turned into a witch child.Really more vacant of 'evil' than your average tin of biscuits.

Little Primitive BabyWitchBitch Print
Pretty Pink Face Painting Of Man In Profile
Black Framed Cute Red Faced Pretty Kitty Cat Print
Save The Witchling Three

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