Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Ray Of Rainbows Jewellery

Flower Brooch
This is my first brooch!Made of paper mache inside, but it is very water tight.The paper mache is a"composite",which is what they used to make dolls out of.It dries very solid and can be sanded like wood,although you get a fuzzy felt like finish.Which is why i then covered it in a thick layer of homemade Gesso.It also has several layers of glossy varnish back and front.The reverse is red.
Glossy Love Necklace

This is my most colourful necklace ever.It`s pretty loud,it would be a challenge to make a necklace louder![Maybe a rainbow of tiny speakers] I love it,it`s PopArt meets Pearl Necklace.
Simple but Sweet Necklace

I have three longish to medium necklaces with the marble hearts beads.I wanted a riotous one full of beads in all colours and sizes.One with quite a lot of beads and quite a lot of spaces-a medium and a simple one,with the beads used most sparingly,just little knots of colour spread out against black.
Marbled LoveHearts Bracelet
Pink Grafitti Rainbows Necklace

This is an odd one to title let alone describe.It has lots of pink but also lots of rainbow colours.Each individual bead is a real mashup of riotous random colour,the overall effect is a bit like beautiful grafitti,when you cannot tell what the picture is of, but it`s so chaotically colourful it`s beautiful.
Many Rainbows Marbled LoveHearts Necklace
Medium Marbled LoveHearts Rainbow Necklace

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