Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ducks and Dolls

Lovely Lilac Lady doll,available to buy on Dawanda,,which is in Euros,she is £8.99
This perfect looking doll puts me in mind of Heidi for some reason,she is more of a goldilocks really."Fairytale Doll"available for sale if you click on the link.

The pink trim on her dress and hat and also her shoes is all a slightly lighter shade of sweet pink that really came out in the photo.
This little"Peach Girl" is a supersweet small little doll
The "Duck" is sat on Baconfoil which worked much better than i hoped for the photo.

I did build him a little faux pond for the photo but he just looked oddly out of place and incontinent.
Little soft toy stuffed animal family.I called them chicken family but they could be duck family.
Pretty Pink Twin dolls

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