Sunday, 22 September 2013

Greens Blues and Violet Striped Hats

 This is such a really leafy green hat it might even attract greenfly! Soft and warm in a thickly crocheted mix of two different shades of wool.

 I don`t know if my mother Molly intended to create a camouflage look when she crocheted this deep rich green shade wools together but that was certainly the outcome [no point in asking as she will never remember.] These green wools are really 'Woodland' colours.It would be a very fitting hat to birdwatch in!

This unusual hat looks pale green because it was created by closely crocheting together a pale blue and a yellow wool.It`s a very Monet hat somehow,with the pretty daisies looking like lilies sat on the edge of a sunlit garden pond

This is a really beautiful shade of blue wool.An azure cloudless blue skies blue to keep in mind better weather when it`s all gone grey.

This is not strictly a matching hat and scarf set.It is 'upcycled' -made from lots of different blue wools and colours that compliment the blues.There are some matching blued colours in both hat and scarf but not all of them as the scarf is that much bigger

A unique one of kind shabby chic style creation,using too many colours for it even to be possible to recreate it!

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