Thursday, 31 January 2013

Acrylic and Oil Painted Portraits

An acrylic painting of actor Ben Whishaw on a postcard sized canvas.After painting my way through the myriad petal mazes of half a dozen roses over summer 2012 this painting of the side of a man`s face was areal joy to do.He is a bit more beardy in the photo.

Moody Man Painting .I recently sold this on Ebay.A lot of my painting s are available on Ebay  is currently available on Ebay

Painted this quite a few years ago now.I kept wondering at that time what would a modern witch look like?What would she wear?Pink bat accessories seemed the perfect answer.Mounted on a slightly cowboy hat styled witches hat.Of course it would not be a real dead bat it would be plastic.

 Pouty Elvis.Looking for a nice photo of Elvis to paint i was really surprised to find out how bad he was at smiling.The photo i used for this was really blurry but in a good way although i should have given him a thumbnail.Love the colours though.

A lot of my paintings are also available on Folksy,which is the British site for handmade and everything is in pounds,but the listing fees are a bit high so they might not always be on there.

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