Thursday, 21 June 2012

It`s In Black and White;The Marvels Of Monochrome

The beautiful white blooms on this gorgeous tea cosie are extra large and quite thick,each having three 'petal'layers of wool.They all sit securely sewn on top,sure to keep your tea pot hot!

This pretty little somehow very traditional looking ragdoll is festooned with handcrafted detailing.She has several layers of underskirt and  hand sewn detailing on her wool shoes.Traditional or Victorian?

Active Ann wears dashing upcycled black velvet trousers,perhaps better described as 'pantaloons'

This beautiful little goth girl ragdoll is dressed entirely in black wool.With only the addition of black ribbons.Her waistcoat and skirt are crocheted,which adds a slightly lacy look to her outfit.It all looks a bit "Victorian Mourning Dress"but really she is a goth,she has purple wool lips!

Handsome Black and White Striped Pussycat.If you look closely at his hand sewn in face details you can make out in pink wool his happy,cat that got the cream contented smile!

This lovely ghostly tea cosie is crocheted thickly [stands up unsupported]in a all white wool and the face details are sewn on black velvet.

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