Monday, 6 June 2011

A Little Light Ghoulishness to offset All The Frilly Dolly Loveliness

I have thrown out a lot of the rubbish i had up on Ebay alongside all the pretty ragdolls and beautiful colourful jewellery and dug out some fresh rubbish.Some of which is really quite interesting.This book about the Kray twins by John Pearson is a good read;

-A Profession Of Violence The Rise and Fall Of The Kray Twins John pearson-

and if you like that,then this Ronnie Kray book is unmissable

-Ronnie Kray A Man Among Men by Laurie O`Leary-

Since this post seems to be all about balance,some very bad women seem in order.This old book has no dust jacket but some really fascinating stories;

-The Worlds Worst Women-

A little light ghoulishness to balance out all the frilly dolly loveliness that has been and all the flowery brooch post prettiness i have coming...

Favourite pic`s from a book of Horror Movies;

This is supposed to be the invisible man

I have been reading"The London Dungeon Book of Crime And Punishment by Richard Byrne"which is fab.It`s about the development through history of crime and punishment in London and had some appropriately dark pictures;
Chap on a rack.Apparently your hips and shoulder sockets come apart first,that was why Guy/Guido Fawkes could barely sign his own confession.
This man Jonathan Wild is here because i am still thinking about what Michelle Obama said to some schoolgirls on the news awhile back-how if they worked hard they could achieve anything.The English reporter then pointed out that the statistics suggest they cannot.

It reminded me of this dark book about the history of London and all the shocking similarities between the haves and have not`s of back then and the priviledged,wealthy and poor of today.How we seem to the Americans and yet only on rare occasions to ourselves so accepting of these inequalities.

Jonathan Wild would probably have agreed with Michelle Obama.He started out as an apprentice to a buckle maker and ended up running a vast criminal Empire.He was the King of the Underworld in 1720`s London and if you ignore his frilly hairdo looks a bit like one of the Kray twins!

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