Friday, 2 April 2010

Bitten Bead Rainbow Bracelet

If you get all the little chocolate/polymer clay centres exactly the same size,about 60 or 70 of them then add similar width white layers they should all come out roughly the same size.

Always leave half a dozen of the chocolate centres spare as a size guide in case you need to make more of them.

You want them to remain as flat as possible so flatten them at each stage in the desired finished saucery shape;as chocolate centres,with white coating and coloured leaving them for at least an hour between each stage for the clay to dry out a little bit after the stickiness of handling.

Dont try and thin the edges out too much in a flying saucer style,it just creates wobble.

The damned light damned rotten blue ones will forever take on fingerprints like an s.o.b no matter what precautions.Just for no apparent reason, the blue doesnt like the white?[or the red either].Get an earbud soak it excessively in water and smooth out the finger print ridges.Remember it is the water that does this and not the earbud.Do not get the earbud into contact with the clay if it is only a bit wet, you will be pushing the clay around and the whole thing will go wonky.

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