Monday, 23 November 2009

Bitten Beads.Blog To Self

A Reminder;

1. You can get these beads SMALLER than smarties.

2. Start off with a tiny undersized Petit Pois of choc` colour fimo.
*Bearing in mind already when choosing the size of the bead what you are going to skewer it on to bake it.The skewering ALWAYS distorts the shape.Headpins best for smaller beads.

3.Thin out a small circle of white clay and cover the choc pea smoothly,sealing all holes.Roll back into circle,squash slightly to flat shape just to stop it rolling away.

4.White Layer.There has to be this white layer or the brown layer will show through to the colour layer.Rubbish.

5.Colour Layer.Flatten out thin circle of clay,roughish approx of size required.Cover white layer smoothly so no white is showing through.Roll back into circle.Fashion edges thinner smartie style,without losing circular shape.

6.Cover with clingfilm to avoid dust.Leave overnight to cool/dry.If you skewer them now the already a bit mushy ones will become horribly mushy.Rubbish.

7.Do not put In fridge.Short cut that does not work.This will cause little white platelet/blood cell like things to form under the surface of the clay.Utterly crap.

8.Chip bitten bits out with lino cutting tool.keep neat.

9.Skewer,reverse bead and hang/suspend whilst baking to avoid shiny flat bits forming.Remove any shiny areas last formed whilst they were left overnight.
-When skewering pat end of skewer as it comes through the clay,this will stop bits of clay coming away and keep the hole neat.

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