Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Blog alive but unwell.

Blog is still alive but refusing both image and writing in same post so below is a picture of the necklace i currently have for sale up on ebay.User name Lyselicia.There is also a ridiculously well priced rather fetching rainbow bracelet made up of small 1cm polymer clay hearts,handmade.

I`ve been meaning to post someplace it might get noticed more something about FRONTLNE the spot on treatment for cats,but if i don`t do it here i will never get around to it.

The vet [or vets as it is a different one everytime we go] should have told us not to put the treatment on our sick cat as it says on the packet.Even when after having the treatment the cat became almost catatonically depressed the vet insisted in was unlikely to have been caused by the treatment.It was.Within two hours of having the treatment she was distressed and listless eventually just sinking into a deadeyed lifelessness for the approx three weeks it took to wear off.It does say on the Frontline packet 'May cause depression'.Our vet seemed to know nothing about it.
Really frustrated with the attitude-when she was so depressed it seemed like her time was up and she aught possibly to be put down the vet insisted all was well .Now she has multiple things wrong with her but is in a reasonably chipper mood the vet thinks her game is up!
This farce is no way to end 18 yrs of adorable furry loveliness.

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