Friday, 30 May 2008

Dear Dead Blog...

So i thought i had a blog.OK i had forgotten about it for some time but i found it again in my bookmarks and it was dead.Dear dead Blog...

I have some items up for sale on ebay;

under the name "lyselicia"

My previous blog had uploaded images of my handmade jewellery but since i am starting again just linking to the jewellery seems futile so the link includes the books and dvds i have put up.

So i am using baby oil as a thinning medium with oil paint.The smell is wonderful compared to turps, the price is good compared to liquin and it comes off your hands much easier.I cannot find any information anyplace about baby oils` suitability and have been warned the long term consequences for the paint will not be known till it is too late.Shit to that i say.There is only one way to find out and as long as it dries [which it does] before it all flakes off i can always vacuum it up.

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